Farewell for now, my dear friend

 The Siblings: Emma, Elise, William, me, Jeanette, Spencer
The Doggos: Gimli, Mojo, Mackinaw 

Sometimes in the midst of so much love, we have to let go and say our goodbyes. While this blog is mainly musings of adventures and new works, there is the occasional personal post. This past Christmas our family said goodbye to one of our oldest furry family members, Mackinaw. The collection of photographs in this post is dedicated to memories we've had throughout the years. 

Farewell for now, my baby old man mackinaw. I love you forever; it’s been a great long run and I know you’re endlessly playing ball up there in heaven. Give love to Moxie for me, you’ve been an amazing part of the family- I’ll miss you my dearest friend.

 Mackinaw, my baby Moxie, and Mojo
Sleeping in the bed waiting to cuddle 
 Snow and his truest love, his ball.

 Memories of dancing with a youthful pup


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