The Balladeer

Sometimes I'm inspired to write a bit more about moments in my life; this one so happened to be more of a 'review' to one of my brother's gigs I went to. It's an experience I wrote about in the beginning of the summer, when I had first moved up to New Jersey:

Underneath a Rasta bar, through the crowd and down into the basement, a gathering of friends and strangers collected for a show. The mix of the neon colored lights, switching from blue and purple to red and green illuminated my brother in the center of a scarcely gathered crowd in the basement of a bar in Harlem. Both friends and strangers sprinkled throughout the room, sipping at their drinks while the gig began. As the performance went on, the room gradually became more crowded whenever someone had stopped downstairs and decided to stay and continue to listen.

The Balladeer played nostalgically intriguing melodies accompanied by sweet witty lyrics that touched on romance, memories of childhood, and undying dreams. All while doing so, the references the ever classic folk rock gods of the 60’s and onwards didn’t go unnoticed, with the original songs simulating the essence of those such as The Beetles, Simon & Garfunkel, and Bob Dylan. The entire feeling of the evening made me feel how I would envision the early days of those artists- how they spent their time brilliantly showing off their music to crowds on the edge of something bigger than what they could imagine. Nights like these are ones to take note of, or at least something to take inspiration from. People talk about their nostalgia of ‘the good old days’, and it’s strange to think that these are the beginning of them. Not a night much more special than most, not the most important show or even the best one of a career, but the beginning of a time, a new chapter. You can find The Balladeer on Facebook and Instagram, and the download for his first EP is now available online, with music available on Spotify and Apple Music as well.

Picture actually from the night of my sister's birthday celebration into the city, feat. Linds, me, Jeanette, & William 'The Balladeer"

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