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A Wedding in Brooklyn
This past week I had the pleasure of designing the guest book for my brother and his (now wife, ee!) Lindsay’s wedding. It was such an incredibly heartfelt and artistic ceremony, and a weekend filled with such laughter and joy! The spine design is based subtly on their love of Peter Pan and the second star to the right, while incorporating their wedding flowers and vintage style.
The ceremony was absolutely sweet and artistic, and managed to have everyone in tears by the end of it. Located at the Old American Can Factory, the space was perfect for their retro-vintage and poetic inspired theme. The service was officiated by a dear family friend, followed by rather tasteful poetry readings and songs. As the sun went down, the candles illuminated the room, transforming the space into a soft, magically glowing oasis. After all was said and done, we all headed upstairs for celebrations, more speeches, drinks, and of course, dancing! It was so amazing to have seen so m…

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