The Creativity Caravan Mural

A little while back before I moved from Montclair, Amy and Maya of The Creativity Caravan hired me to paint a mural on their real-life-traveling-Caravan! 

The original caravan’s name was Maude (as in Harold and Maude), so to honor that in a sense the design incorporated lots of mandala-like sunflowers. This 70’s style love bug is painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, sealed In with the new weather-proof lacquer. Usually with outdoor furniture you don’t have to use a sealant as the paint naturally cures in the sun, but since this vehicle gets a lot of wear-and-tear with travel, weather, and a heavy duty slip cover going on and off daily, I decided it would be best to give it a little something extra. The logo is a leftover laminated decal from the studio, which I painted around to incorporate it better into the design. I was so happy to leave a little part of myself with the company that I love so much, using a product I adore. 


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